About us


Our basic idea is to create businesses that will be competitive in the European market. Frigaard Gruppen shall at all times use its expertise to build new companies, and to further develop these industrially and market vice.

Our activities currently include the following business areas:

Commerce / industry which includes

  • Storage solutions and archives for the private and public sectors through companies such as Sarpsborg Metall, Sonesson and Alnäs.
  • Furniture for office, health and school through companies such as Sarpsborg Metall, Tranås Skolmøbler and Ergoff Miljö.
  • Professional solutions for warehouses, workshops, industry and engineering sectors through companies such as SSG and GBP.
  • E-commerce / catalog company with equipment required on the job through Altistore.

Real Estate and property development through the companies Frigaard Eiendom and Frigaard Property Group.

Investment activities and management through Frigaard Invest