Commercial Real Estate

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”Frigaard Eiendom shall be one of Sarpsborgs most attractive and visionary company within acquisition, development, construction, rental and sale of property.”

This applies to industrial and commercial property, and after the acquisition of Metacon, also residential. This means apartments in larger buildings, not townhouses and regular houses.

A strong local presence and good knowledge of business in Sarpsborg gives us a good basis for constructive cooperation with our customers. By customizing and tailoring solutions to individual needs, it is easier to create successful and profitable projects. We have a personal commitment to real estate and urban development. Therefore, we have a focus on preserving and rehabilitating the buildings we invest in. A property you are proud of!

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Contact Information

Frigaard Eiendom AS
Bredmyra 4
1739 Borgenhaugen
Tlf: (+47) 995 52 495