Extends wardrobe using Swedish acquisition

Finansavisen: Trond Frigaard from Sarpsborg places a bid on the Stockholm-listed competitor ACAP. - "It is pleasing to purchase volume, says serial entrepreneur".

- "We have a short distance to the border, you know." Trond Frigaard has just placed a bid on ACAP Invest, a company listed on Nasdaq OMX in Stockholm. For 100 MNOK wants the 41-year-old from Sarpsborg to acquire Sonesson Innredningar and Tranås Skolmöbler. Along with Frigaard Handel will newly established North Investment Group have an annual turnover of 800 MNOK .

- "Previously I have started 24 companies, so this will be my first big acquisition. It is nice to purchase volume without having to come up with a new product and take it out into the market from scratch," says Frigaard.

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