Frigaard Property Group

Our vision and philosophy

Frigaard Property Group to be a leading housing developer by combining the industrial and financial, initially in Østfold.

Today FPG consists of the companies Metacon, Alento and Frigaard Bolig.

Our business model is based on developing attractive properties in an optimal way in which we build modern and functional homes with good planning and a pleasing aesthetic expression.


Our value drivers

  1. The housing price level and annex densification in Oslo coupled with significant planned and completed upgrades to the Follo-line and E6 / E18 makes Østfold increasingly attractive as residence with commute proximity to Oslo
  2. Frigaard Property Group knows Østfold with profound local knowledge and anchoring in the community; we have great incoming deals
  3. Significantly less competition in Østfold than other areas adjoining Oslo
  4. Frigaard Property Group is comprised of an established team with broad expertise and experience in the implementation of profitable construction projects

We are currently in the market for acquisition of more land to bulid apartments.

Feel free to call 995 52 495, or e-mail