Owner’s Comments

Foto: Teodor Tomter Liland - www.teodortomter.no

Photo: Teodor Tomter Liland - www.teodortomter.no

Frigaard Gruppen was founded in 2004 with the fundamental idea that we wanted to build a company that would be competitive irrespective of market location or product.

Whether we produced wardrobe lockers, industrial shelfs, office chairs of school furniture for that matter, then the following 3 criteria had to be met: Right price and right quality delivered at the right time!!! Provided that we managed to do this, our customers would trade with us, was our philosophy.

We have over a 15 year period built a core competence within the group that makes it possible to produce most products within plastic molding, wood and metal all over the world.

From 2004 to 2019 Frigaard Gruppen and its organization founded some 30 companies. We have generated annual sales growth of ca. 30 percent.

To go from 40 million in turnover to 2 billions in turnover over a 15 year period requires a culture of wanting advancement.  I am most proud of having created an organization and culture in Frigaard Gruppen that is able to deliver such results.

Our thinking is that anyone can buy machinery, but building a fundamental industrial competence is only achieved through systematic improvements and development of people.

Trond O. Frigaard